Ability to select client's credit card when hosting websites

I know you guys got rid of client billing, which is ok.

But at the same time, users that work with smaller budgets and need to host client's websites in their own account are usually required to pay with their own cards and then bill the client later.

Could we just have an option to add a credit card to a client project? Or at least have the option to add multiple cards in teh workspace billing with a way to select which card will be tied to the hosting fees?

Is there currently a way to do this that I am not seeing?

  • Nortenho Design
  • Sep 9 2022
  • Trevor Soh commented
    29 Aug, 2023 01:19am

    I really need this feature too Webflow Team. I've have to chase up clients for payments and remember billing dates - when it could be all automatic. Please bring it back.

  • Graham Barr commented
    26 Jan, 2023 08:12pm

    Can't beleive this is still not addressed, and only has 2 votes?? I have over 200 client sites I have to invoice prior to hosting renewal date, and then hope they pay me before the hosting autorenews. Either give us the option to add client card info, or give us an auto-renew toggle switch (like every other Sass). It's stressful when clients dont pay, and you know their hosting will auto-renew on YOUR credit card.

  • Dale Gruber commented
    17 Jan, 2023 01:55pm

    This would be EXTREMELY helpful! Allowing for multiple projects, but having a separate billing for each! :)