Site-wide Templates

I'd love the ability to build a site-wide template page that can be used to build all of my pages on site-wide (just like the current CMS templates - but for non CMS pages or entite site - basically wherever you choose to use it). This would be so helpful for adding site-wide elements to sites that have already been built. For example, my clients site is already built, but client has asked to add a static feedback tab to all pages. I now have to go through every page and add it manually. A site-wide template would save so much time!

  • Shadi Desjardins
  • Mar 9 2017
  • Urs Bräm commented
    8 Jan, 2019 10:20am

    I'm astonished there's not more traffic on this wish. There are symbols, of course. But template and symbol go together. Template is top-down: for example load actions could be added to all pages like that, as well as - of course - header, footer etc.


    Here's an example:

    Individual page elements
    A Symbol
    More individual page elements

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