Delete multiple pages

The ability to delete multiple pages or delete a folder that has multiple pages (echoing this Forum thread:

  • Malcolm Zammit
  • Mar 10 2017
  • Eric Jochim commented
    17 Mar 04:38pm

    Also please make it so we can delete entire folders of pages at once. Feel free to enable a double-double-check.

  • Eric Jochim commented
    17 Mar 04:37pm

    Please enable this.

  • Dion Lovrecich commented
    4 Mar 04:16am

    Still no ability to delete multiple pages / folders at once? Bulk delete seems like such a standard feature. Surely it exists and I am overlooking it? I noticed it was on the development wish list back in 2015...

  • Matthew Gauthier commented
    7 Jul, 2017 01:52pm

    After developing a site I find that I end up with many "old" pages or pages that have a few versions.  Deleting these pages is painful and slow.  It would be great to be able to have a "pages" section where you could quickly select individual pages and then delete in one click

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