Support RTL

Support RTL text and columns for RTL languages throughout the Designer including in the CMS fields in the CMS data manager.

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  • Mar 11 2017
  • Davor Egyed commented
    7 Aug, 2023 03:00pm

    For those visiting from this link:

    Just set the document writing direction to RTL by applying the dir-attribute to eh root HTML element. Embed the Code below on each page:

    EMBED 1:

    :root { direction: rtl; }


    EMBED 2:

    document.documentElement.setAttribute('dir', 'rtl');



    It should look as in the attached image.

    You can copy-paste it from here: https:///

  • Davor Egyed commented
    7 Aug, 2023 02:16pm

    Webflow does support RTL. You just need to develop correctly. We have a system called RTLflow, which we use for RTL Webflow Development:

    RTL could look better in the CMS, however that's merely a visual issue and can be solved through creating a Google Extension for that purpose.

  • Ben Rose commented
    30 Jul, 2020 06:50pm

    Please add it!!! Please!!!

  • Felix GEOVIEW commented
    22 Apr, 2020 06:47pm

    Is it support RTL now?

  • Gidon Kadosh commented
    17 Oct, 2019 09:35am

    From comments I've seen so far, it seems like this features should also apply to Grids. I've seen it reported multiple times as the biggest pain of flipping a page to RTL.

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