Ability to set a page as the "parent folder"

Please add the ability to set an existing page as the "parent" without having to create a redundant folder with the same slug.

I assume that for most people's purposes, if they are organizing pages inside a parent subdirectory, they will want to also have a page associated with /parent, not nothing.

That said, why should we need to create a folder /parent AND a page /parent to create the hierarchy /parent/child where /parent is also a page?

Creating a page is creating a folder anyways, so please make it possible to set pages as parent folders.

Thank you!

  • Hunter Varnum
  • Oct 4 2022
  • Andy Makely commented
    13 Sep, 2023 12:41pm

    Has anyone tried this recently? I have a page and a folder with the same slug, and the child pages give me 404s once published.

  • Morgann Dawance commented
    25 Jan, 2023 12:17am
  • MIchael Paasch commented
    14 Jan, 2023 05:48am

    Yeah i built my first site in a while - kinda funny tbh that this keeps being overlooked cause there was so many awesome changes since i came back... love the product! there's a workaround for this issue but on more than one occasion the .com/slug/
    or /folder-slug/ or /cms-slug/ get all mad at eachother and makes for a difficult ux. keep up the good work.