Clearer Pricing Structure

You are holding me ransom and I don't like it.

You have locked me out of half my projects, and not allowing me to create anything else.

I feel like you have taken away the creative freedom that was such a powerful and desireable feature of Webflow – the freemium model.

You have cut me off seemingly over night and are forcing me to pay twice as much, or more, for seemingly less value, or at most no real additional value – just utter confusion!!?

I have been using Webflow for years as an early adopter, and have reffered plenty of customers to you. And now you have locked me out of my projects, forcing me to delete some of my learning projects, to free you up some space, and I still can't even create a project that would have actually turned into a paying customer.

Your pricing structures have always been confusing, and now they just get even more confusing.

To add to my dissapointment, your support is even slower, whilst I am already paying $24pm+ literally for no benefit right now.

So I hope you can see how you/Webflow is putting me in an awkward spot. I'm enclined to delete my account all together now and end my subscription because your new pricing and restrictions are frankly confusing and unfair.

From what I've read online, I'm not the only confused and dissapointed customer.

I hope someone can respond to me soon, and explain to me the options available in a way that your current options do not.

  • Rory Lawrence
  • Oct 6 2022