Interactive training modules

Dear Webflow,
You have a fantastic product for designers!
The only thing lacking is interactive training on projects.
In other words, the user gets all the pieces, and the trainer walks you step by step though a project,
so the user can actual put the pieces together. Very difficult to remember all the content videos, which move quickly and are loaded with material.
Any training on lesser products, say on, allows for the user to download the module and then walk through it with the tutorial. Very effective in training.
Please think about providing this service.
Thank you,
Carolee Aiello
Color Concepts
  • Carolee Aiello
  • Mar 15 2017
  • Jimmy Sawn commented
    4 Dec, 2023 10:06am

    When you zip up your Wear Ostrich leather jacket, you're not just getting dressed; you're making a bold statement.

  • John Murdock commented
    30 Apr, 2019 12:03pm

    I know this is an old topic, but I am going to revive it. I agree with Carolee. 
    There are some interactive tutorials such as "Creating a Custom Portfolio." The problem there is that the tutorial (and the rest of them) doesn't match the current UI. IMHO it was a big mistake to launch the new UI before updating the tutorials. This has led to infinite confusion and frustration for newbies like myself and my business associate who are trying to learn.

    Yesterday I just had to give up on learning how to use the software because watching the tutorials and trying to guess my way through it was a waste of time. I was ready to buy a hosting plan, but that ain't gonna happen until I can find reliable instruction that matches the current UI. 

    One comment I saw suggested that I could go on learning it because only the UI had changed—ridiculous! The UI is what one has to learn and if the tuts don't match it they are virtually useless.

    Regarding Carolee's comment that the videos go by quickly. That's and easy fix: just choose 75% or 50% speed to play them on Youtube preferences. Of course that doesn't help much if the tut doesn't match the UI.