Multiple conditional visibility options

We need the ability to build more robust conditions and add AND/OR setting to the conditional visibility options. 

  • Nick Fry
  • Mar 16 2017
  • Raphael Zwyer commented
    30 Jul, 2021 07:40am

    Other use case:
    This element is only when:
    - custom field category does not equal X
    - custom field category does not equal Y

  • Gabriella Farkas commented
    15 Apr, 2021 09:43am

    Use case for example:

    I have a collection template. The collection has 2 cards (based on 1-1 fields) which I have to display in one section. The section's visibility sould be based on if the fields are set. If one of the fields is set the section should be visible.

    Now I can add the two conditions to the section, but it works like:
    field1 is set AND field2 is set

    I need this:
    field1 is set OR field2 is set

  • Joe Pacal commented
    5 Sep, 2020 07:52pm

    Agreed! Simple but powerful addition.

  • Jason Francis commented
    17 May, 2019 05:16pm

    Good idea!

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