Select default workspace to land on when signing into the Webflow dashboard

Since the transition to workspaces I'm now annoyingly logged into a workspace that I've been added to for a client instead of my own agency workspace first.

I asked the client to remove me from their workspace and invite again to see if that would shuffle the order but it didn't change it unfortunately.

  • Scott Humphrey
  • Oct 21 2022
  • Cesar Lopez commented
    30 Nov 10:17pm

    Set as Default Workspace is a good option to fix this.

    A better option would be to have the Dashboard always land on the Workspace that you last worked in. This could be especially useful now with the new guest admin capabilities where a user might be switching between workspaces for a period of time.

  • Team Textile commented
    30 Nov 06:17pm

    Yeah. This is pretty silly. This needs to be fixed.

  • Raphael Bismut commented
    24 Nov 08:54am

    100% agree this is very frustrating

  • John Willsom commented
    16 Nov 09:53am


  • Charles commented
    7 Nov 01:10pm

    Agree 100% this IS annoying.

    This might be a minor thing, but it would be best if we have option in "Account > Workspace page" to reorder our "joined" workspaces, or just have a button that say "set as default workspace" or something.

    All of this might help in term of efficiency, and how customizable our dashboard can be.