Shortcut key to move focus to Selector

When I hit the S key (modifier needed), it would be great if it focused my cursor into the class name box (selector) so I could just start typing to choose or create classes.

It would need a modifier (maybe Shift-S) since the S key is only for "showing" the Style tab.

  • Wade
  • Mar 20 2017
  • Shipped
  • Wade commented
    27 Apr, 2018 05:21pm

    It's been done!

  • Jack Vaughan commented
    6 Mar, 2018 07:04am

    Absolutely -  I personally get really tired of thousands of mouse movements over to the top right side of the page. 

    Thanks guys!

  • Darius Family commented
    18 Oct, 2017 11:56am

    I was looking for this shortcut the other day. Would make things much faster if we could snap to the class box via the keyboard!!

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