Asset tags and folder identification

This is really two ideas bundled into one.

1. Folder identification
It would be great if it was easy to identify which folder an image is in directly from the asset settings. When viewing from "all images" it's impossible to know what folder an asset belongs to without doing some digging. Simply adding this to the asset settings cards would make things worlds easier.

2. Asset tags
Sometimes an asset's name or folder just isn't enough for searching or finding that asset. Adding searchable tags to images would allow for better categorization of assets, and would be more fluid than simply relying on an asset name or naming convention. For example, an icon named lock.svg may represent "secure" or "private" or simply "lock", but only one of those terms would yield results. With tags, the name can stay the same, but multiple tags could be applied for greater searchability within Webflow.

  • DJ Shott
  • Nov 28 2022
  • Alex Edwards commented
    28 Nov, 2022 11:42pm

    yes! This is absolutely something I would love, as having multiple assets of similar shape or design but different sizes and colors makes it difficult to find, especially if the file name itself isn’t descriptive. 1000% great idea.