Disable responsive images per project

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this is a bug or not but when you CTRL-SHIFT-O in windows and bring up the disable responsive image box, you uncheck it but when the site is exported all the resized images are still there?? I love that you implemented this feature but unfortunately the image compression just isn't tight enough, some times the image has been scaled larger than my original upload (that must be a bug) but generally Photoshop can still get the file size a lot lower at the same apperance. I would love it if you could implement a site by site disable basis for fully disabling responsive images at least then we don't have to worry about clicking the disable button for every image we add to a page and know that upon export extra images we don't want will be exported with the code.


  • John Tankard
  • Mar 23 2017
  • +4