Allow referencing between Membership users and CMS collections.

As a Webflow dev, I want to link CMS collections to Users, so that one user can have one or multiple items from a CMS collection.

  • Website MatchEd
  • Dec 6 2022
  • Zach Schwartz commented
    14 Mar 04:52pm

    This is a must-have feature

  • Oded Badichi commented
    10 Oct, 2023 12:38pm

    I have about 1,000,000 idea's for app that i would like to build...

    Don't forget to allow zapier/make to trigger when a user is created

  • Paragram Team commented
    21 Jun, 2023 09:24pm

    This would be useful for so many things, like saving items to their profile, wishlists, etc...

  • Karl Reynolds commented
    6 Jun, 2023 12:23pm

    I’ve had to create workarounds for this in the meantime, where I’ve had to use Zapier to add item IDs as text fields to User data. I can’t believe they didn’t treat Users like a CMS for beta, where it could reference CMS collections and vice versa.

  • Abdulrahman Hariri commented
    27 Feb, 2023 08:36am

    Just started to test Webflow, I can't believe this was not already implemented with the "users" functionality...

  • Jo Lord commented
    23 Feb, 2023 08:57pm

    Also looking to do this, shouldn't be too difficult to setup right? New user creates account, my CMS should be able to draw from the data they input when signing up and I could reference that and update directly...

  • Edward Kim commented
    19 Feb, 2023 07:07pm

    I've got membership system that I've created a community system that needs to work like that. Right now, I'm having to have member register with the basic information, I'm then having to create manually the CMS about the newly registered account. I've designed and develop it in such a way that I use the Account Update page with a fully functional online Form. That is then emailed to me with all their input. I manually then use those input to then create a CMS data account so that it can be now used as a public profile page with a direct link to it. Meanwhile, if any member logging in needs to use the Account Update page to fill in any data that they have NOT entered yet which then again emails me letting me now the changes and/or updates which I have to go in myself to find that data point and update that information or replace it. So, to the members, I tell them it's not instant update but will take within 12 hours to update. Usually I update it immediately since I don't have that many members, but, still I just tell them because of their public profile page, I need to make sure their information is consistently formated correctly for the integrity and quality of their information displayed. It would be SOOO awesome if it can link and allow members to update their own profile page.

  • Herman Muurlink commented
    9 Jan, 2023 01:48pm

    It would be great to have this. I have been looking for a solution to have members create items that are only visible for that particular user.

  • Peter Blenkharn commented
    10 Dec, 2022 01:39am
    Massively second this - vital for customised content that isn't merely produced dynamically but needed to be stored in an organised way! Relationships between an object and multiple users would be super useful.