⚠️ A pricing plan between "Free" and "Basic" like Framer

Just a thought, and I think it's a good one: Have a plan betwen "Free" and "Basic" like Framer does.

⚠️ I'd recommend looking at Framer's product and pricing before forcing all those grandfathered in to start paying 15$/month for those 1-page splash pages: https://www.framer.com/pricing/ ....guessing pushing designers to more designer-friendly tools that also align with tools that they are already use to using, like Figma, is the last thing you want to do.

9 months (when forced to pay higher pricing) is just enough time to move some of those 1-page splash pages on Webflow over to Framer while telling friends currently using Webflow how awesome and easy Framer is to use. Lol

I kid, mostly. But, I'm guessing it is a good idea to know who your competition is and how you compare both in terms of features and pricing before raising/changing pricing 😉

  • Nathan Steele
  • Dec 12 2022
  • Mario Garcia commented
    13 Mar, 2023 09:50pm

    I'm not a fan of Framer but I think the prices they handle are fantastic and easier to bring to the Clients. Something similar is needed because the limitation of sites for the FREE and Frelance plans does not really convince me, at least for me because the USD currency is very expensive in my country.

  • Mario Garcia commented
    28 Feb, 2023 03:01am

    or at least you can have more projects or pages and for example you can only have 2 assets online webflow.io given the case or according to the plan you have.