Video sitemap for thumbnails and SEO

After uploading a new website with a few videos in it, I received a report from Google Search Console that my videos didn't have thumbnails associated to the videos.

I think this should be a simple update and can be made as a part of the sitemap.

Here's a link to read more about it

  • Noel Braganza
  • Dec 19 2022
  • Leo Rocker commented
    1 Aug 06:16am

    time to act

  • Grant Senior commented
    1 Jul 11:34pm

    This really needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. I am now getting regular alerts from Google Console telling me that the background video element on a page doesn't have a thumbnail url. So basically, until this gets sorted, using the background video element will affect a page's SEO ranking negatively.

    Can't use the Custom attributes to link to a thumbnail image either as Webflow says that the name 'poster' is a reserved name.

    Can Webflow fix this so that a thumbnail url can be linked to please.