Make total Member count, and Product/Variant count visible

Please add total Member count, and Product/Variant count to Site Settings / General tab / Overview section.

Currently there is no obvious way to get these, and to see them.

In fact I'd like to see that section redone as Utilization, with a simple bar chart display showing utilization on each item, with the plan maximum. Key site-wide items include;

  • Collection count OF 20 | 40

  • Collection Item count of 2000 | 10000 | ?? ( enterprise )

  • Product / Variant count...

  • Member count...

  • Any other capped utilizations

It makes sense to put those into two groups- sitewide utilization of limited resources, ( like CMS item counts ), and monthly-usage things like form submits, orders, traffic, etc.

Even my cellphone plan shows these ;)

  • Michael Wells
  • Dec 21 2022