Combination language writing issue

I want write this "안녕하세요" but

안ㄴㅕㅇ <- when use this editor worked like this

There seems to be a problem not only with the Korean language I want to write, but also with most of the combination languages.

There seems to be a problem with the "cursor" manipulation in js. If you want to maintain the way "cursor" is manipulated, use the automata algorithm.

  • The Compass
  • Jan 2 2023
  • The Compass commented
    2 Jan, 2023 12:51pm

    1500+ Korean needs this feature

  • Byungjun Jang commented
    2 Jan, 2023 12:40pm

    I desperately want to solve this issue

  • 철훈 박 commented
    2 Jan, 2023 12:38pm

    글자를 작성 스페이스바 누르면 앞으로 이동하는 문제도 있습니다.