Upgrade CMS with sections, components or modules created by the designer that clients can add, remove or reorder

At the moment, CMSs like Dato, Contentful, and even Wordpress with Elementor appear more modern because they allow developers to create modular components/symbols for clients to then easily add, fill in, and reorder on any page.

In contrast, it takes a lot of time to customize collection pages in Webflow to create an interesting layout.

We also end up with an excessively long and messy form for the client to fill out due to the fact that if we want to create different layouts for a same collection of articles for example, the form needs to be the same and so show all the possible choices, which can be limiting.

It would be great to have the ability to create sections with different fields in a collection, and then give clients the ability to add, remove, or reorder those sections.

A simpler solution would be to create tabs in a collection form, which would allow designers to create different layouts that can be used by clients.

For now I am starting to tell my clients that Webflow may not be the best choice for anything other than static websites or very simple blogs. It's making me sed because I really love the power that Webflow gave me as a designer ❤️

  • Sébastien Plisson
  • Jan 4 2023
  • Jan Henrik Hansen commented
    15 Mar, 2023 11:48am

    Totally agree with you. There is something missing that is between the Designer and Editor view, where Editors get to have more freedom in page layout.

    In Wordpress at the very least you could create different page templates and then show some fields based on the template or you could use a page builder like you mentioned.

    In Webflow I either have to do most of the updates of pages as a designer or effectively teach my client how to use the Webflow Desigern. Neither is ideal.