Add the possibility to sort/arrange workspaces that you have been added to as a guest.

As a freelancer/agency you get added to many workspaces for either development or maintenance. Right now, when I log in to Webflow, the first workspace I see is that of a client.

90% of the project I work on are in my own workspace. This means that I need to navigate to my own workspace after login in to Webflow, which isn't a big effort of course, but does get annoying after a while.

It would be great to either directly see my workspace, or being able to sort/arrange all the workspaces that I have acces to.

  • Ali Hussain
  • Jan 9 2023
  • Bas van Straaten commented
    29 Jan, 2023 03:17pm

    If Webflow doesn't fix it.. Let's do it ourselves!

    I created a simple Chrome plugin that allows you to pin your default workspace. More info in this tweet:

  • Leke Karunwi commented
    18 Jan, 2023 09:11am

    Yup this is quite annoying. Maybe also a way to make a to make a workspace "active" so even if you are working on a clientspace and want to head back to thier dashboard you dont have to search through all the workspaces again.