Allow users to set a default workspace

Allow users to set a default workspace so that when Webflow loads, the dashboard defaults to the user's preferred workspace rather than a client's. This will save time and improve efficiency for users who frequently switch between multiple workspaces.

  • Ben Flint
  • Jan 22 2023
  • Shipped
  • Eric Schenkenberger commented
    27 Oct, 2023 05:03pm

    This may have shipped originally (in a severely broken state) but it's no longer working!

    Originally, users were only able to set a workspace as their default if they were an admin of that workspace. This is ridiculous, as only the admin roles should be closely guarded, as the admins have access to change the billing and hosting of a site. ALL roles should be able to set any workspace they have access to as their default. I can't even set my firm's workspace as the default as I am not (and should not be) an admin. I can't even set my OWN workspace as my default, which means this feature is entirely broken.