Drag and drop ordering of CMS items.

Using a custom sort order field is really difficult if you need to do a big reorganization, or even a small one.... You have drag and drop ordering for the multi-image field, we really need to be able to drag and drop for the order of entire items, it takes so long and is unnecessarily tedious to reorder a few projects.

  • Jeremy
  • Jan 24 2023
  • Yeshai Lang commented
    15 Jan 10:18am

    If this can be made for clients (editors) access, that would be awesome. Always a bit embarrassing to explain to the client how they need to set a number to set order of appearance. Feels kinda primitive to set manually.

  • Matt Sims commented
    9 Nov, 2023 04:27pm
  • Eric Smith commented
    22 May, 2023 07:57pm

    I seriously want this too. Currently, there is a Chrome plugin called Webflow Collection Reorder that does exactly this, I strongly recommend it if it's something you need. But I despise the Chrome browser, and hate having to switch to it whenever I need to use that functionality. Would be great to have it natively in Webflow.