Alt text for background images

Currently we can include alt text in image settings. I would suggest we could do also in images in the background of other elements like div.

  • Othon Nin
  • Mar 28 2017
  • Already exists
  • May 17, 2017

    Admin response

    A background image is technically a "style" so you'll have to set a custom attribute for "title" for search engines to treat that element in a special way. Image attached of an example (you can do this at the bottom of your element settings). 

    More info at Stack Overflow

  • Jason Roach commented
    13 Oct, 2020 09:22pm

    With global ALT text definable site-wide within the asset panel, can we have an option to have this ALT text automatically apply as a 'title' attribute in circumstances when used as a background image and option to manually override per DIV attribute, just as we can do today with ALT text per image?

  • Jacob Miller commented
    4 Feb, 2020 03:10pm

    How do we prove is this approach actually works? Is there a new way to solve this issue to add alt text to background images?

    Does it matter if the attribute says "title" vs "alt text" to make this work?

  • Gfresh commented
    9 May, 2017 09:55pm

    Yes, I agree. All of my images are as background within a section. 

    The image area allows you to edit everything, except alt tag.  *cry*

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