Change Quick Find Shortcut to "Ctrl+Q"

Please change this god awful keyboard shortcut! I highly recommend using "Ctrl+Q" or even just "Q" because it makes way more sense as the first letter in the word "Quick" and it would be way closer to the Ctrl key making it easier to do with one hand. As of now I, like many others, use quick find all the time. But it has proven to be quite inconvenient when trying to pull off this shortcut with one hand. Meaning, ironically, the quick find command is not living up to it's name. Not only is it a hard key stoke to perform but it is also prone to error being situated so closely to other commands such as; "Ctrl+R" for page refresh and "Ctrl+D" for crating page bookmark. Please do this, it would make for a far more intuitive experience! 🙏

  • Feb 4 2023
  • Frank Filipplli commented
    14 Mar, 2023 06:01pm

    I understand that you can use Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K but both options are terrible. Ctrl+E comes with many of the drawbacks I already mentioned above and as a second option I can't think of anything worse than Ctrl+K. Besides the fact that Quick doesn't start with the letter K, Ctrl+K is just a terrible shortcut for anything really. It is WAY TO FAR from the Ctrl key, forcing you to always use 2 hands to execute. Which is why I recommended at least adding a option for Ctrl+Q because it is not used for anything, solves a lot of these problems, and also serves as the actual first letter in the word "Quick". It makes so much sense and is a rather simple change. But you've clearly ignored all of the points I've laid out in this feature request and responded with unhelpful nonsense to subdue my input. This is why so many people are dissatisfied with Webflow as a company, mediocre customer support. Good product, bad team. 👎

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    13 Mar, 2023 11:08pm

    Please be advised that you can use either Ctrl + E or Ctrl + k to invoke the quick find feature.