Element visibility based on Access Group

The ability to change the visibility not only based on the log-in status but also on the different access groups. For example to make an element visible for a customer of access group A but not for a customor with access group B.

  • Simon Ester
  • Feb 13 2023
  • Stefan Tzvetanov commented
    13 Sep 09:42pm

    We need this...... now!

  • Jonas Gullman commented
    11 Sep 11:06am

    We need this yesterday!

  • Sebastian Siebert commented
    11 Jul 01:35pm

    Please 🙏🏻

  • Cloudburst commented
    22 Jun 02:16pm

    This is a fundamental of selling tiered access to a site. Please make this a top priority!

  • Graeme Sutherland commented
    22 Jun 08:27am

    Yes, yes, yes. Need thisrolled out to fully move inside the Webflow environment, without relying on a third party solution like MemberStack.

  • Chris P commented
    20 May 05:55pm

    I agree and support the development of this feature. A multi-plan membership based site is not possible without the ability to display that data based on what plan(s) they purchased.

  • R JEFFERY WILSON commented
    22 Apr 03:44pm

    Gating content by user groups without the ability to gate menu links by user group is really kind of useless, don't you think. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed by now.

  • Rens Korsten commented
    12 Apr 07:40am

    Yeah this is an important addition that will open up a lot of opportunities for different uses. For example: we have multiple different products with different software per product. We need to show only the corresponding software to a person who has a specific product. Without this ability, it's kind of impossible without some creative solution.