See all form submission data columns in the editor

At the moment, site admins are able to click on the "Forms" tab from the editor to see and overview of all form submissions. They can download this data as a CSV but at the moment it isn't possible to see all of the data from within the editor. It would be nice if admins could click into each form submission record to see the complete information without the need to download the CSV.

  • Philip Marklew
  • Mar 31 2017
  • Philip Marklew commented
    17 May, 2017 05:59am

    Hi Sergie, Yes it would be nice to be able to click on each row in the table of form submissions and see the complete data for each column. Sort of like a mini email client (minus the ability to respond). This would be very useful for the less tech savvy clients of mine who seem unable to ever find an email in their outlook I could just point the in the direction of this section of the editor to see all of their website emails.

  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    17 May, 2017 12:04am

    Philip can you provide more info? What do you mean you can't see the form submission? Do you mean being able to see all columns and all the data in each column? 

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