rebuild interactions based on css keyframes

Webflow is reinventing the wheel with "interactions." Animations that take 10 minutes in CSS/keyframes take hours of trial and error, hacks, googling, and frustration in webflow. Animations that are largely the same have to be recreated wholesale if you want slight variations, small overrides are not achievable as they are in CSS. This results in repetitive, difficult to read/understand settings.

Webflow should implement a simple visual editor for css @keyframes based animations and scrap the existing (javascript based?) reinvention of web animations. Build from the work of others and make web development accessible to non developers, don't reinvent it. Animations should be denominated in percentages, not absolute time units. Each property should be overridable with a class (change animation duration, easing, etc).

  • Kyle Palermo
  • Feb 28 2023