Allows anyone in my agency to have access to client sites via my guest acess

I have an agency. Lots of people work at my agency. I need them to have access to the clients WF accounts to do work. Design, Dev, content management, etc. it's is not JUST me doing the work.

How do I get them all access to that account/site without making each and every client add each of my staff individually? To me, the idea of an agency account is... “hey, I want you (agency) to have access to my account so your team can continue to work on the site for me (client). Let me add you as a guest agency.”

What should happen then is that everyone that I have in my agency has access to those accounts under my agency account so they can work on those sites.

This platform is really just meant for individual freelancers and not agencies/organizations until this is solved.

  • Evan Geerlings
  • Mar 4 2023
  • Thiago Pauli commented
    29 Mar 11:30pm

    I don't know why they launched this incompleted feature, only the owner of the agency workspace can access the client workspace, everybody else that pays, and is supposed to have access too, can't... What's the purpose of this? The benefit of having an agency plan is to allow everybody to work on our website, after we pass the website to the client workspace only the workspace owner can access it... I really don't get what they thought.