Set multi-image lightbox group name from the cms

I have created a lightbox for my product using the multi-image filed from the product collection and it works ok. But when I tried to link the lightbox images by adding a group name it connects to the other product lightbox as well. If a feature to select the lightbox group name from the collection should this issue.

  • Digimeta
  • Mar 16 2023
  • Quentin commented
    22 Feb 10:55pm

    I think just being able to link the lightbox group to a text field within the CMS item (just like the title behaves), would solve this.

  • Quentin commented
    22 Feb 10:54pm

    the CMS items are linked ok, inside each I can pull the Title, the main image, then images from a multi img field. All images are also a lightbox image. The only thing missing here is to link the lightbox group name to the CMS item it sits within, to work just as the other elements work.

    Current behavior shows all images of each CMS item linked together. This can't be right.

    Expected behavior: each CMS item's lightbox images are their own group.

    Thank you

  • Wood Rodgers commented
    12 Dec, 2023 06:07pm

    I'm really needing functionality that allows us to set the lightbox group name from a CMS value. I have multiple lightboxes set up in a single collection (it's a list of company projects, each with multiple images per project) and when a lightbox group name is given, the lightbox shows a list of images from every project instead of just the project that was clicked.

    The attached image shows how each project is represented. If I click a lightbox image, it shows ALL images across all projects.

  • Sara Dean commented
    16 Mar, 2023 08:42am

    Yes, if you add a feature to select the lightbox group name from the collection, it should solve the issue of connecting to the wrong product's lightbox.