Change styling on a lightbox and its components without embed code

If one could modify the css of a lightbox, it would be possible to natively alter caption positioning, backgrounds, etc.

  • Russell Van Lieshout
  • Mar 16 2023
  • Barry Weber commented
    5 May, 2023 03:34am

    I feel we are so scammed by all the Webflow claims of no-code design..only to find that any use of the tools that need some adjustment require code in the head and most don't actually work anyway. Background color, link color, everything in Lightbox which is a major used tool in websites with real content, all of it requires code contributed by users who reply in forums. Caption font, positioning, all of this needs to be in Lightbox settings not in some vague code snippets pieced together in forums. We pay way to much for Webflow for what we get. Seems their only interest is selling their hosting and CMS features and much of the basic design and customizing is still very hit and miss.