Navigator - ability to toggle more or less info (such as showing the second class name instead of just the first)

See before and after images for a quick explanation first.

At least in my case, I standardize my "sections" so that I can easily adjust margins and other "big" attributes for the whole page at the same time, particularly useful when moving on to developing the breakpoints.

Right now, I have no easy way to see which section is which in the navigator apart from counting in my mind or expanding each section enough to see its content enough so that I know which is which - but at that point, the navigator view is often too expanded to allow for easy navigation.

So, it would be nice to see more or less classes or ids - maybe a control such as show "X secondary classes" and an always visible checkbox (and maybe keyboard shortcut) to be able to quickly toggle this on and off only for the moment when you're trying to figure out which element is which.

Another idea that might make sense and help with this - tagging or coloring certain elements, which is of course something that would only be visible inside the Webflow UI.

  • Žarko Kuvalja
  • Mar 25 2023