Add custom access group fields + access group collection list in account page

Currently, it's impossible to create a list of access groups that a user belongs to in their account page. This is obvious functionality. If I have 1,000 courses on my site, and the user has access to 3 of them, there should be a way for me to easily display the 3 that they have access to and link them to the content. Instead the only way is to force them to search through all available courses and remember which ones they already bought.

One solution (although not the only one) is to have an access groups collection list that can be added to the account page, in the same way as the current subscriptions element. This new element would display to the user each access group that they're a part of.

In combination with that, there would also need to be the ability to create custom fields in the access group collection.

This would allow me to create a custom link field, which would link to a dashboard that has further links to all gated content for each access group. This way the user only has to go Account -> {Access Group} -> {Content}

  • Rent App
  • Apr 27 2023