Component Folders

Hi Webflow Team,

Could we have component folders to allow for more organisation, I feel this would work great given the structure seen in most react projects, components are split up into folders for different uses.

P.S Just a thought.

Thanks, Morgan.

  • Morgan Brown
  • Apr 28 2023
  • Shipped
  • Feb 1, 2024

    Admin response

    You can now create groups within component properties making it more convenient to navigate the properties panel.

    Create new property groups or add a property to an existing group from the settings of any component property.

    Learn more about component properties on Webflow University.

  • Nicole Cmar commented
    15 Mar 01:58am

    Is there a way to organize the components navigator? I will have a lot of components with the new site I'm building, and I'd love to be able to sort the components into folders so it's quicker to build and easier to look at.