Add and edit Components as Content Editor

Being able to add/edit/remove Components as a Content Editor and not only as a Designer.
This feature would have to come together with the feature to add/remove pages as an editor (which is not possible at the moment).

A possible User Journey with the new Editor-feature

A client has an anniversary and wants to create a new Anniversary-page and a new teaser-section on the home page.

He creates a new sub-page, adds different pre-designed components and rearranges them (changing the order of the components). Then he enters the content into the components (text, images, etc.).

After that he adds a teaser-component to the home page and links the Call to Action to the newly created page.

– by now, all of this would have to be done by the programmer of the website.

I know that a feature like this would automatically create the need for other features. For example the feature to add/remove links in the navigation or the ability to edit more parameters of the components (BG-videos, Lottie-Files, Colors, etc.)

  • Brenneisen Theiss Communications
  • May 17 2023