A Complex Collection Item Creation Form

Currently, I have Zapier integrated with Webflow and with a third party form service to accomplish this. However, it would be very nice for this to exist within Webflow natively. I'd like the creation of collection items to be a customizable experience. It would be great for fields to have default values, and even dynamic defaults (for example, I could have a Date field always default to the next Sunday). It would be great to be able to arrange fields in groups that can be shown or hidden (example, I have an "Announcements" collection, and each item can include up to two links and two files. In my customized form, I have "Add Link?" and "Add File?" as checkboxes linked to sections that are hidden until the user checks the box.

This could work in a hundred different ways, but it would be great to be able to customize that experience to make it as user-friendly as possible to the editors.

  • Eric Smith
  • May 18 2023