Switch your hosting to sustainable Energy :)

A lot of companies already want to reduce their carbon footprint, and it will be even more in the future! Unfortunately webflow hosting still uses standard electricity, at least according to several website testing tools. That makes it harder, if not impossible, to sell webflow-hosted sites to green companies. Switching to green energy would be an easy fix and opens up new markets!

  • Piet Fischer
  • May 24 2023
  • Marco Niedermann commented
    28 May 07:37am

    Are there any updates on this topic?

  • Reniel Justin Cole commented
    17 Jan 06:00am


  • Gregory Anthony Zagkos commented
    27 Sep, 2023 09:31am

    This is absolutely important. The bigger Webflow gets the bigger the impact of their hosting solutions. It is NOT ENOUGH to just compensate. I'm sure many Webflow Users aren't aware of the negative impact of their websites. If there are any efforts, please be 100% transparent, so that users can judge for themselves.