Full and easy CMS full Backup / Automatic ones?

It would increase the peace of mind to be able to do a full export of all the CMS collections in a single operation.
The same goes for importing. It would be great to be able to import a full CMS set of collections in one go.

On this way we would be able to have a real backup of our CMS data.

It would be even greater that Webflow would make full CMS backups given a certain schedule. (Once a day, a week, etc..)

It really is a **weak point** that we can not assure our clients that the data will be safe on webflow. That they need to manually export by hand one by one all the collections to csv files. And on top of that if one that we need to restore the CMS collections it wont be easy .

  • David Rodríguez
  • May 24 2023