Ability to have more than 20 access groups OR ability to give access to pages/folders instead of groups.

Right now I can't take advantage of users because I reach the maximum user groups.

My Use Case
I sell special reports. I have 50 reports, each sitting on a separate URL. I want to sell access to each individual report/URL. You buy report 1, and you only get access to URL 1. You buy report 1, 7, & 9, you only get access to URL1, URL7, URL9.

Currently I can't sell access to one page, only "access groups". My work around is I create an access group that only allows access to one page - BUT I can't create more than 20 access groups, so I can only offer 20 reports out of 50. Silly.

I don't want to have multiple content pages under one Access group because then a customer can buy one report and then access them all...

So please....there would be three solutions.
1. Either increase the maximun amount of access groups.
2. Create the ability to buy a product that gives page or folder content access in addition to just group access
3. Link a product variant to access to particular content (complicated).

  • Brad Pickett
  • May 30 2023