Allow the first slug be defined by a collection


I´d like do create a website where the first slug where defined by an item on a collection, such a category.

So I could create content and put them, automatically, on

Today, the collection generates the slug. It´s not goog.


  • Fernando Sousa
  • Apr 5 2017
  • Morten Just commented
    16 Nov, 2020 01:35pm

    Agree with Pataka. My use case is a knowledge base.

    What I want


    What i get


  • Mitch Fortier commented
    11 Sep, 2018 12:12pm

    This would be great. The ability to nest collection items like Pataka stated.

  • Pataka Spacek commented
    14 Jun, 2017 04:00pm

    May I second this wish. Typically, when setting up an e-commerce with a multi-level structure, the URL should contain the name(s) of higher-level category(ies).

    Say, I have this product structure:

    - Power Tools
    - - Drills
    - - Screwdrivers
    - - Grinders
    - - - Grinder One
    - - - Grinder Two

    Right now, Webflow shows this URL for an individual product:


    For SEO purposes, what is needed is this:


    Since handling nested collections is rather limited at the moment, the product's position in the product tree has to be defined using reference fields; so, the "nice" URL could be populated dynamically using fields from the product.

    Thank you!!

  • Fernando Sousa commented
    12 May, 2017 06:06pm


    Today, if I want to use Webflow for a blog, for example, I have to create a collection called "blog" or "posts". So, the content goes on "" or "".

    What I suggest is the possibility to set a behavior more similar to another CMS, such as WordPress, where the category of each article fills the slug.

    So, I could create a blog about sports and put content on, etc without create a collection for each sport.

    Am I clear?


  • Admin
    Webflow Team commented
    12 May, 2017 06:06am

    Can you explain more and what type of site this is? What do you mean automatically create collections?

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