Request for Improved .WebM Transparency Support...

  • Dear Webflow Community,

I am writing to request an enhancement in the support for the .WebM video format. I have noticed that when a .WebM video containing transparency is uploaded on your platform, the transparency is not maintained and instead, a black background is displayed.

This issue significantly affects the utility of .WebM files, as it limits creative freedom and the possibilities for producing high-quality content. The .WebM format holds great potential, especially because of its support for transparency, and it would be highly beneficial if your platform could fully support this feature.

I've noticed that you're already working on integrating Spline, which is quite exciting. While you're working on that, it would be fantastic if you could also consider enhancing .WebM (trancparency) support.

  • A transtransparent video with alpha channel encodings using VP8/9. The result was flawless. After uploading it to Webflow it will probably become a codec. .WebM is then no longer transparent and therefore unusable for the project and for future plans.

Yes, Webflow already has a lot of possibilities for animations, but sometimes customers also have pre-made and this type has long been missing in the designer. That's why I'd like to write it again. Please work to ensure that transparency remains. Not everyone always wants to watch in a new way like Spline, even though I've watched Spline before, I would just have that powerful little feature that the transparency stays with the videos.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter, and hope that improving .WebM support will be considered in your future plans.

Best Regards,

  • Philippe Ropsert

  • Philippe Rospert
  • Jun 2 2023
  • Aaron Cox commented
    28 Oct, 2023 10:21pm

    Transparency is now supported in safari 17.2

  • Danny M commented
    16 Oct, 2023 04:15pm

    Useful, but a big issue is that .webm with alpha transparency isn't supported in Safari, so you would need to provide two source files HEVC & VP8/9.