Allow devlink to sync code components back into Webflow

Right now, devlink can only "sync" components from Webflow into a react project. This is really just component-scoped code export.

For use-cases where the website is hosted on Webflow and the designer + client want to continue to modify the components, it would be incredibly useful to add the capability for devlink to sync in the opposite direction.

Naturally, this is a difficult thing for Webflow to build when most developers will want to refactor the code components devlink produces. However, even if devlink required developers to keep the file organization and toolset devlink produces, it would still be extremely useful for teams that want extensible components and the full Webflow experience.

The driving force behind this request is that the Webflow designer and CMS editor are powerful, time-saving advantages to Webflow's platform. Right now, the experience of modifying designer-built components with custom code is poor and time-consuming. DevLink offers a more streamlined alternative, by exporting into a Next.JS project, but loses those powerful features that made staying in Webflow advantageous.

  • Jun 6 2023
  • In progress