Clean Image URLs in Webflow CDN

Hey Webflow! Our agency is frustrated by Webflow's image naming practices and are hoping for some changes!


  1. SEO. The official Google reference on states that "Google uses the URL path as well as the filename to understand your images. Consider organizing your image content so that URLs are constructed logically." (Source) Unfortunately, Webflow adds a bunch of junk characters to image names and does not store them in a logical file structure, meaning Webflow sites lose this valuable SEO.

  2. Editing. Downloading images from Wordpress sites saves them with the same name that they were uploaded as, making it easy to edit and reupload a file. On Webflow, the file is renamed to the junk characters, meaning you have to rename the file each time.

Suggested Solution

In the Webflow CDN, append the workspace and project name to the url so the url can still be unique and the image filename can be on its own.

It would be great timing here to also add Replace Image functionality to the Asset Manager. Seems simple to just download, edit, and reupload but this would save tons of time.


I've reviewed a few posts on this topic from Webflow including this one on this topic where the community manager cited limitations from Webflow's CDN or that Google doesn't actually use Image titles for SEO (citing a Stack Overflow post from 2012 back when keyword stuffing was prevalent). It would be helpful to hear an updated viewpoint from Webflow on this topic using up-to-date information.

  • Kevin Gerstner
  • Jun 13 2023