Add a basic Table of Contents (TOC) feature in the CMS, which would greatly improve the look and search engine optimization (SEO) of articles on content-rich websites such as blogs and knowledge bases.

Hey Webflow Community

I hope you’re all doing great.
I wanted to bring up something that’s been bothering a bit. The current temporary solutions for a Table of Content in the Webflow CMS are just too clunky, especially for us non-developers. It’s time-consuming and frustrating to deal with. Most solutions are from third-parties and not from Webflow direct.
Why do I request this? Table of Contents make articles look better and can lead to better SEO rankings.

I’m not asking for anything fancy here. Just a basic Table of Content feature, like what Google Docs or even MS Word has.
It would be a game-changer for content-heavy websites, like blogs and knowledge bases.

I really hope the Webflow development team considers this

  • Adrian von Baussen
  • Jun 21 2023