Add more than 3 Content Editors on the CMS plan

The 3 content editor max limit on CMS plans isn't great when working with clients that require a few more editor accounts than just 3.

This limit has been applied to the Webflow CMS for a while now, and I assume some of the original reason was the reduced performance of earlier versions of the CMS (which seems less of an issue now, with things like memberships built into the product).

We're regularly faced with clients who'd like to add a few more than 3 editors, typically a max of 4 or 5, and it seems unreasonable to charge them for business hosting just to do this. Even harder to explain!

In most cases, the editor accounts are irregularly used so do not add additional load to the server. The additional accounts are mainly to keep a tidy audit log and to prevent password sharing (for security).

The alternative is to regularly add and remove editors, which is a ballache, especially when having to set up a new editor account each time.

Ideal scenario

  • The CMS plan content editor limit is increased to 5.

  • You can also pay for additional CMS users (for more than 5), say up until 10, before you need to change to a business plan.

  • Ability to make a content editor account inactive rather than removing them (so they don't have to set up a new account if reactivated).

  • Alex Dixon
  • Jul 7 2023