.csv Export Option For Asset Folders

There should be a way to export asset folders as a .csv file.

For example, you should be able to select an asset folder called "Blog Images" and then select "export assets as .csv", to include the URLs of all images.

One way this can be useful is for bulk image uploads to CMS collections using a .csv file:

  1. Upload 200 images to the "Blog Images" asset folder in Webflow, which creates URLs for all those images.

  2. Export the "Blog Images" asset folder as a .csv, which will provide all those image URLs as a list.

  3. Create a "Blog Posts Spreadsheet" for your Blog Posts CMS Collection and add the image URLs from the exported "Blog Images" .csv file.

  4. Export the "Blog Posts Spreadsheet" as a .csv file, then import it into the "Blog Posts" CMS collection.

  5. Add a collection list to your page for the Blog Posts CMS Collection, and in the Collection Item add an embed element, with code:

    1. <img src= (use the "add Image URL field here to draw the image from the CMS for each collection item)>

Now you have a bulk upload system for images using CMS.

  • Thomas Macdonald
  • Jul 9 2023