Support and Availability in different languages

Of course, we are familiar with English and it is the language of the world.

But since Webflow has grown to an world-wide tool in the last years and the language and translation function is coming soon, you should really consider adding more languages and currencies.

What do I mean? Provide the Webflow Website, Builder, Academy and if possible the support in different languages and the currency of the pricing in the appropriate currency of the country.

Shopify or Mailchimp did this and got an exponential growth out of it. It’s clear: As a user you are much better in your native language and the tool gets a lot easier to use.

If long term you do not want to be tied to America and UK, instead be the world-wide go to tool (after the WordPress era) you should consider this.

Translation, is not so hard, considering we are in the era of AI.

  • Daniel Boes
  • Jul 24 2023