Please create color options for the visually impaired.

Webflow is an awesome program.

My only criticism is the way the interface is laid out can create a real struggle for people with eye troubles. Because everything is the same charcoal black color, it creates difficulty in determining where one menu ends and another begins. Even with the section titles, it can be a struggle.

There isn't enough clearly defined separation IMO.

My solution is something which would not only help visually impaired users but also create a way for users to customize their experience.

Add color variations to each menu section. Users could choose a color for each section which provides the best contrast or simply has the look they want to work within. It would add a touch of personality to the user's workspace while also giving visually impaired users an option for clearly defining their menu.

I've included a rough mockup to show what I'm suggesting.

Please consider it. Thank you!

  • Michael
  • Jul 24 2023