'Repeatable Elements' in Components

Hey fellow Webflow enthusiasts!

Ever found yourself wishing you could just repeat an element within a Component without the hassle of creating a whole CMS Collection? Well, I've got a wish, and maybe you'll share it too!

I'm thinking of a feature called 'Repeatable Elements' in Components. Imagine setting a div as "Repeatable" and defining fields in it just like you normally would. Then, you'd have a simple "Add item" field in the Component settings for the related item.

No more fumbling around with extra collections for simple repeating patterns. This idea could streamline our design process, making it more intuitive and fun.

Sure, it might be a bit tricky on the back-end, but hey, isn't that what innovation is all about? Let's push the boundaries and make Webflow even more amazing!

What do you think? If you like the idea, give it an upvote, and let's make this wish come true!

Happy designing! 🎨

  • Ömür Yanıkoğlu
  • Aug 13 2023
  • Toby Mansfield commented
    19 Jan 01:10pm

    This would be ideal for letting editors edit nav bar content!