Publish CMS separately without publishing the site as a whole.

We need a way to publish CMS collections without publishing pending changes on the website's design. We have a website being redesigned, and can't publish the CMS to the old design meaning during the changes we can't update the clients calendar or events or blogs. Please add this function from the editor at least.

  • Andrew Dillon
  • Aug 29 2023
  • Andrew Dillon commented
    29 Aug, 2023 10:33pm

    It would be nice that if we have unpublished changes in the designer, in the editor it would say. "You have unpublished changes in the designer, so you will not be able to publish anything outside of CMS collections" Then let them add/publish items to the existing CMS collection. Currently any unpublished changes in designer get published when you publish the editor... breaking a site that is being redesigned.