Introduction of Kakao and Naver Payment Linked System for Korean Users.

Hello, I am a Korean and webflow user. In Korea, a Korean web builder called [I'm Web] and WordPress are widely known. Webflow is relatively less well known. It's because there aren't many Korean lectures or contents...The main reason is that the payment system and SEO used by Koreans are not optimized. Currently, more and more people use webbuilders in Korea. If you want webflow to be established in Korea, please make sure to introduce Kakao, naver payment linkage system. If that happens, I will publicize the advantages of webflow in Korea. I think webflow is much more functional and design-wise than I'm Web, even though it's hard to learn. However, in order to establish itself in Korea, it is essential to introduce such a payment system. This is advice from a local who has lived in Korea for 25 years.

I bet, the payment rate of websites with Kakao and Naver payments in Korea is much higher. If not, they often leave before payment. Because it is easy and fast. With the introduction of such a system, many web designers, developers, and companies will begin to prefer webflow. It will soon be an opportunity for the webflow company to establish itself in Korea.

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  • Sep 19 2023