The Designer API should self-generate tokens for external use.

The idea is that if developers don't wish to require users to authenticate for API requests, such as file uploading via the Data API, the Designer API should generate those tokens. Since the user has already installed the app, this inherently authorizes them. Therefore, the Designer API should provide tokens for requests, ensuring that users aren't prompted to sign in every time they use a new browser due to the current token and authentication system.

Imagine this scenario:

A user installs the app and doesn't need to authenticate with an external website or input codes, as they've already done so upon installation. This allows the user to effortlessly use the app and upload files to storage. This simplifies the process, enabling developers to create apps without reliance on third-party websites, serving merely as an additional tool within Webflow.

  • Azwedo Developers
  • Sep 21 2023